SOUFLO has been a leader in kitchen hardware since 2006. Since opening their doors, SOUFLO has focused on bringing high-quality products to its customers, as well as providing exceptional service along the way. Over the last 13 years, SOUFLO has built a strong client base, who trust the company with any project they want to tackle. It is SOUFLO’s dedication to working as partners with clients that sets it apart from other kitchen and bathroom hardware companies. SOUFLO prides itselves on making a lasting relationship with its clients. Here, clients are more than just clients, they’re family.

What Makes Us Better Than Any Other Kitchen Hardware Company

SOUFLO wants to make sure to continually improve its catalog of products to make sure that clients always have the latest, up-to-date styles and designs to choose from. SOUFLO offers shower door hardware, tempered glass doors and panels, shower enclosures, silicone sealant, shower glass shelves, kitchen stainless steel appliances, brass faucets, stainless steel railings for both patios and staircases, and barn doors. Not only are these fantastic products available through SOUFLO, but they are sold at extremely competitive prices. Choosing to work with SOUFLO is a decision that you will never regret.

The quality of our products is unmatched by any other company, and no one can compete with our customer service standards. To us having exceptional customer service goes beyond what you receive when you first come to us for help. If there is something that goes wrong during your project, we will be there to help pick up the pieces and listen to how we can help remedy the situation.

On top of being the highest quality available the products, we sell come with a warranty. There are different types of warranties with specific products, but you will be given peace of mind knowing the item you purchased is protected in case something goes wrong. Glass shower enclosures come with a “Limited Lifetime Warranty”, shower enclosure hardware, bathroom accessories, shower systems, faucets, and kitchen sinks are all equipped with a “Three Year Limited Warranty.” Providing this extra protection to our customers is essential to ensure they are just as confident as we are in that products we’re offering.

If you’re looking for a kitchen hardware company to help you, we are who you’ve been searching for. Contact SOUFLO today to learn how our years of expertise in this industry can help you make the best decisions for your home!