Deciding to update your bathroom can be both exciting and overwhelming. Knowing you’re starting over from scratch and getting to design a bathroom completely around your style is a big task to take on especially when it comes to making decisions about certain fixtures to put in your new bathroom. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is picking between framed vs. frameless shower doors. Both types of enclosures have their benefits and drawbacks, so it really all depends on your personal needs and style. This could be a lot easier said than done, which is why it’s crucial to talk with an expert about the variety of shower doors for sale. South East Florida Glass and Hardware is a great resource for everyone across the United States looking to spruce up their bathroom’s look.


How To Decide, Framed vs. Frameless Shower Doors

Installing a new shower can transform your bathroom from looking old to brand new with just one new fixture. However, searching for shower doors for sale can bring a lot of questions up in your mind like is a frameless enclosure or a framed shower better for my needs. This is one of the longest-running debates when it comes to bathroom renovations. There are definitely pros and cons to both options, which is why it’s important to do your research before making any decisions.

  • Framed Shower Doors: There are some features of framed doors that draw homeowners in for sure. One of them is this option provides more stability than a frameless shower door. They are also more watertight, which help prevents water from leaking and spraying onto your bathroom floor while you’re showering. When it comes to style and design, you can customize the glass of your framed enclosure with the different decorative glass options that are available. On the other hand, these showers also have some downsides. First, they only open one way, outward, which can be limiting especially to a homeowner with any disabilities. The styles of these showers can also appear dated no matter how new the enclosure is. This can be problematic especially if you’re going for a more modern look throughout your new bathroom.


  • Frameless Shower Doors: One obvious benefit of choosing frameless shower doors is there are more options available to homeowners. You will have a variety of styles, sizes, and design choices to look through, which means you have the ability to customize your bathroom even more. Additionally, these shower doors can swing either in or out, making it easier to use for the homeowners. Also, since there is no frame to these enclosures cleaning them is much easier than a framed option because you don’t have to worry about soap scum building up in the tracks. Probably the greatest benefit and their biggest draw is the style they offer your bathroom. The sleek design not only provides a modern feel because of all the glass and the way light flows through they can make your bathroom appear much larger than it actually is. However, there are some negatives surrounding frameless showers. The first is they tend to be more expensive than framed doors. They also aren’t as stable as a framed enclosure.


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