It has been overdue for a long time, and you are finally making it happen. Congrats! Your bathroom is going to shine with elegance. For those who are wondering what we are referring to, we are talking about glass shower doors. This is the best choice you can select to really give your bathroom the little something extra it has been missing. At South East Florida Glass and Hardware, we are professionals in glass shower door installation. We will ensure that our shower enclosures for sale are in installed to perfection. We work anywhere in the United States.


How Do You Instal a Shower Door?

You have decided it is time to install a new glass shower door in your home, but all of the choices are overwhelming! We understand, so here are some quick questions to ask yourself so that you can feel confident with your decision:

  • Would a sliding door, door and panel enclosure, or a swinging door work best with the floorplan of your bathroom? Every bathroom is different, but it is also important to consider your lifestyle.


  • If updating an existing glass door, do you want to update your hardware or eliminate it? You may see the trend of updating finishes and envision an improvement, but be sure to also look through our gallery glass shower doors and take note of those that do not require a metal frame. This also means no more cleaning shower door tracks!


  • Do you want a thinner glass with a metal frame or a thicker glass that can stand alone without a metal frame? You should know that edges on frameless doors get darker the thicker the glass gets, and you will notice. Make sure to ask what the edges of the finished product will look like.


  • What pattern and color of glass do you prefer? We have 20 options for you whether you are installing a new shower door or replacing an old one. We can sometimes even do multiple textures to give privacy while still showing off your fabulous tile.


  • Is your bathroom an unusual configuration? That is okay! We can handle it all. We specialize in custom shower doors that will maximize your space and show off the other upgrades you’ve done in your bathroom.


We Are Professional is Glass Shower Door Installation

The company prides itself for bringing quality competitive products to the market. Besides the quality of our products, the foremost important thing to us is customer service. Over these years we have built a strong reliable client base, who understands we are always willing to work together with them.

We are always looking for new products to offer at competitive prices. We now offer shower door hardware, tempered glass doors and panels, different models of shower enclosures, silicone sealant , shower glass shelves, kitchen stainless steel sinks, solid brass kitchen faucets, solid brass bathroom accessories, solid brass bathroom faucets, and shower system, aluminum cutting saw blades and drill bits, stainless steel balustrades for balcony and staircases and barn doors.


We have expanded our product mix, coverage area, and client base. But the main reason for our growth is our constant commitment to our clients. We pride ourselves for having a good quality product and exceptional customer service. We specialize in shower enclosures for sale.


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When it comes to making your small bathroom, we are here for you. We specialize in glass shower door installation. This includes the use of a walk-in shower. South East Florida Glass and Hardware is here for you. We also have kitchen faucets for sale. Call us today for more information on our shower enclosures for sale. We sell all across the USA.