Making the decision to redo your bathroom can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are a million ideas, thoughts, and questions that can run through your head. Trying to figure out what design and style to go with can be a difficult decision and one that can cost you a lot of money. One of the hardest decision you’ll have to make during your renovation is which shower door design to choose. Especially if you are reconstructing an entire bathroom carefully looking at shower enclosures for sale to make sure you get the right size, design, and aesthetic you need is imperative to a successful remodel. Sometimes the only way to make a difficult decision is to go to an expert for advice. South East Florida Glass and Hardware is a company servicing the entire USA. They offer top products and information to their customers to help them make the most informed decision possible about their new showers and bathrooms.


Tips For Picking The Right Shower Door Design

As styles and designs have continued to progress we have seen more frameless glass shower enclosures for sale, which have made them the design choice of many people redoing their bathrooms. Trying to plan out all of the details of this project can be tiresome so following some of the tips below can help make your installation process go quickly and smoothly.

  • Pay Attention to Angles: These enclosures are typically built using 90, 135, or 180-degree angles. This means that when you are first planning out your restructuring make sure you accommodate for these angles in your planning. Doing so will ensure you keep your costs down during the renovation.


  • Ensure Proper Support: Due to the fact that these shower enclosures are frameless, you need to make sure that whichever wall you are installing the hinged shower door on has proper support. This means that behind the wall there needs to be the right studding, double 2×4 is the best, but single 2×4 would work as well. There should also be wood studs present where the hinges are anchored, so there is no chance that the hinges pull away from the wall.


  • To Include a Shower Curb or Not: On top of having to decide which shower door to choose you also need to decide whether or not to include a shower curb or have your enclosure flush with the floor. There are benefits to both options and ones that you should consider before making a decision. If you need a handicap accessible shower than not having a curb is the best choice for you, but having a curb added around the enclosure helps prevent water from escaping onto the bathroom floor.


  • Perfectly Vertical Walls: The walls that meet the glass panel enclosure needs to be completely vertical to prevent any gaps from developing. This means that the wall can’t be slanted at all in any direction. Even if the wall only leans ¼ of an inch that is enough to make it impossible to install a shower enclosure without gaps, which can ultimately lead to water escaping into the wall and the buildup of mold.


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