Are you currently remodeling your home? How is your bathroom looking? Maybe it is time for a new shower enclosure. However, what style will you choose? South East Florida Glass and Hardware offers many shower door options that you must take advantage to make the most out of your bathroom. We specialize in shower doors for sale in the United States.


Will You Go Frameless or Semi-Frameless?

A “frameless” shower enclosure uses sturdy tempered glass that does not require the support of metal around its exterior edges. The result is a clean-lined, modern look that is free of visual obstructions. In fact, one reason frameless shower doors are so popular is that they help showcase beautiful stonework, intricate tile designs, and gleaming hardware.  


One thing to keep in mind is that frameless doors generally do include some metal. Frameless units can be virtually metal-free, except for clips on any stationary panels, hinges, and handles. What’s more, the term “frameless” can also apply to doors with frames along the top edge and around the sides.


If you desire the contemporary look of a frameless enclosure but your layout and budget say “it’s not gonna happen,” a semi-frameless model can be a fine alternative. Look for high-quality components such as the permanently bonded hinges, solid handles, and patented glass coating.


Other Shower Door Options

  • Framed Shower Doors
  • Glass Tub Enclosures
  • Sliding Doors
  • Pivoting Doors
  • Bi-fold Shower Doors
  • Partial Tub Enclosure
  • Textured Glass
  • Clear Glass


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