Is it finally time for a bathroom makeover? When going about this process, there are many factors you need to consider — one of the most important aspects is the shower enclosure. Here at SOUFLO, we are here to inform you of five ways to modernize your shower enclosure. Our shower enclosure ideas are sure to make your new and improved bathroom, the best in the neighborhood. We are available all across the United States. 


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With these great shower enclosures, you get the opportunity to really give your space a timeless look. We are here to ensure that you know exactly how to go about it.


In older homes, a typical bathroom is a rectangle-shaped room with a simple vanity, tub, and toilet. Modern bathrooms are larger and in new homes, are designed to be another living space. You might not have the space for a jetted tub or double sink vanity, but there are some ways you can give your older bathroom a modern upgrade. 


Consider These Shower Enclosure Ideas

  1. Convert your bathtub into a spacious shower.

The best plumbers will tell you that those shower conversions are a very popular home renovation. Even a regular sized bathroom will have space for a beautifully tiled, walk-in shower. Glass shower doors will show off the aesthetics of the tile work, and you can choose to install a shower seat or a rain-style showerhead to increase luxury and comfort. Shower conversions are also a good idea for those with mobility issues that might need an accessible bathroom.

  1. Purchase a luxurious shower system

Our shower systems are the ultimate in elegance, modern style and built to last. Made with only the finest materials, using parts from the industry’s best manufacturers, our one of a kind products  create an inviting shower space where you can really enjoy shower time. View our show rain shower systems here.

  1. Change the color scheme.

If you want to be more on-trend, consider using a splash of color on the bathroom walls. Trendy bathroom colors include bold jewel tones, powder blue and greens, and even matt black or brown accented with light tile and chrome fixtures. Discover the latest bathroom color trends.

  1. Improve the lighting.

Lighting can really set the mood for relaxation in the bathroom. Get rid of your dated, single-bulb or fluorescent light fixtures and consider our LED mirrors which not only offer the best lighting but also add a sleek design. These will be coming to our website soon so stay tuned!.

  1. Install a unique mirror.

Most bathrooms have a standard, frameless square or rectangle-shaped slab of glass in front of the vanity. Consider replacing that typical mirror with something more ornate or fancy. You can choose from bohemian style to classic, elegant mirror frames. Mirror frames with simple, clean lines or one with a unique shape and design. Combined with good lighting, your vanity area is going to look great!


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When it comes to making your bathroom elegant and luxurious, try our shower enclosure ideas. Make shower experience more relaxing than ever with our rain shower system. SOUFLO is here for you. For more information on our glass shower doors for sale and much more, browse the products on our site or email us today. We ship all across the United States.


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